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Tree Branch Shaped Shelf

It’s time to say goodbye to those ordinary shelves that your parents used to have back in the day and replace with a tree branch shaped shelf. It not only is stylish display rack but also adding a touch of nature to your home decor. Needless to say, it would become the focal point of a room with its modernized and abstracted appearance.

In this page, you’ll find two main designs of this cool rack. There first three shelves feature the shape of bough arising from the trunk while the last two display racks are wall mounted tree trunk floating shelf. You can either use it to display your collections or books or CDs or mix these items in style.

Bookshelf that Looks Like a Tree

Do not hesitate to grab one if you’re sourcing right furniture for nursery. Instead of drawing a woody perennial plant on nursery wall, these tree branch shaped shelves can be used as bookcase while providing a stylish surface for display of objects.

At the first glance, there are plenty space that can be utilized to store books or display collections or placing a tiny real plant pot.

The brown color one is made with natural bamboo wood with rounded edge so it is safety to use in nursery. On the other hand, the white one is comes with fiberglass construction so there is no assembly required.

If you’re having a desk against the wall, a desktop bookcase that looks like a tree is a piece of furniture you can’t miss.

This desktop furniture is the great organizer for you to keep all your small stuffs in a well organizes way. You can also let your books lean on bigger bough. It not only provides you an ease approach to access your stuffs but also boost your tabletop decor.

Tree Trunk Floating Shelf

In case you’re looking for a space saving furniture that can serve both storage and display purpose, tree shaped wall shelf is the best choice.

You’ll agree with me when you look at the above photos. Books, collections, tiny plant pots, CDs, hanging decorative ornaments, any other things you named it can be placed on bough shaped flat rack attached to a wall.

It also is a perfect solution if you’re sourcing a creative way to decorate your empty wall. You can boost your room decor by adding leaves stickers towards the end of the bough. Flower shaped stickers are ideal pick too if you’re hanging it in a girl’s bedroom or study room.

The floating wall mounted rack is workable for the nursery as well especially you’re going to display something which you don’t want young kids to reach and touch. At the same time, these wall shelves are ready for you to hang any seasonal ornaments to embrace any holiday spirit.

All in all, a tree branch shaped shelf is a multi-function shelving unit which is an ideal pick for different objects storage or display collections in style way for any environment whether it is a nursery, a living room, a bedroom or an office.