Space Saving Furniture for Your Home

How to Choose Furniture Small Spaces

furniture small spacesWe were facing difficulty while choosing space saving furniture last year before moving to our new house. We hope to fulfill some decorating ideas to have every single area a warm and perfect for the way we live. The main reason is that we spent the majority time at home especially me who is work at home mum.

We then start sourcing information about how to choose furniture for a small space. It has not to compromise decorative elements to maximize functionality in a tiny area. First thing first, we have an understanding scale of a room. Room space always includes more than just its horizontal dimensions.

You may consider emphasizing the vertical space of a small room. It can be done by applying some decorative items to attract people eyes to move above and below eye level. The following are a great example for your reference while buying furniture for small spaces.

Space Saving Sofa Beds

Convertible sofa bedYou may consider having a compact sofa bed. It is offering a place to sit and a place to sleep occasionally. You may need to serve your guest at home with an extra sleeping space whenever there is a festival or holiday season.

The sofa bed definitely is an item of top choice furniture in a small living room to save space. Furthermore, it is less time consuming compared to set up an inflatable mattress for accommodating a guest.

Wall Folding Beds

Wall Folding BedsWall folding beds like the above image shown definitely is the great space saving furniture for small bedrooms. It is a smart choice for those people who combine a room for sleep and home working purposes. It is an ideal bed to be placed in the study room as well. You then can turn the study room to the guest room when it is needed.

These wall folding beds offer a large surface area for the user to have comfortable sleep if compare to the versatile multi-function sofa bed. Better still, it just occupies small floor space when not in use. Another space saving bedroom furniture that you can consider is bed frame with lift up storage. They help to keep stuff out of sight and make a room look tidy.

Space-Saving Table and Chairs

space saving table and chairsYou may consider this type of table and chairs set for the small dining room. The drop leaf table can be extended from 37cm to 67cm. Two chairs can slot in under the table when not in use for space saving. You just need to extend the table in case a bigger countertop is needed. The entire set just nice to be placed in the small kitchen.

There are more options available at the market place. Some people call this type of table and chairs as a breakfast dining set. You can buy extra folding chairs in case you have more than two family members.

You may source the butterfly dining table and folding chairs separately rather than grab the package set. The most important is the table must suit the size of your dining room.

Space Saver Table

space saver tableLook at the above picture, I bet you’ll love to have this folding desk at home when space is luxury demand. Although it just a simple rectangle table, but it can be used as a temporary working desk or dining table. If you are looking for the lowest cost to address your daily needs at home, this is an alternate option of table and chairs set.

The very first time I saw this space saver table was at my friend’s home. In spite of sharing the kitchen and living room in a small area, he fully utilized space saving furniture to make his house looks more spacious and comfortable.

Ideal Space Saving Furniture

I personally love to have multi-function furniture for small spaces room. As we know, small homes normally short on places to store things. Therefore, it is valuable to source furniture that comes with the storage function. For example, a lift-up coffee table, ottoman with hidden compartments; bed with drawers underneath, etc.

On top of storage, double duty piece is a higher recommended one such as daybed which can be a cozy couch during day time and turns into a pullout bed when guests come. There is storage cart can turn to be kitchen island, a large ottoman as a coffee table by adding trays to provide a flat surface for drink glasses, the tiny stool can serve as seating or side table, or using a dresser as a nightstand; those are a great example of dual duty furniture ideas.
top choice furniture
The all-purpose piece is top choice furniture for small spaces; especially the one comes with a wheel that eases for moving around wherever and whenever there is a need. For instance, a small size double decker cart could act as an extra kitchen prep area and move to the living room to serve as a bar cart.

The number of furniture in a small room also needs to take into consideration. Took the dining area as an example, you may place a bench at a side rather than individual chairs to keep the dining room looking fresh. There is the same idea when choosing furniture for a small living room. You can consider a loveseat.

In case your furniture does take up more space and makes that area a fuller look, you may consider applying some strategies to make it look more spacious. The mirror is the typical item that most people use to make a room feel open and look spacious.

By the way, always pick the tall and thin one to save floor space as the height of the walls can provide endless possibilities. So skip the puffy armchairs and try to avoid those short and wide pieces if you are sourcing bookcase or dresser.

Last but not least, wall-mounted furniture is a great pick for floor space saving. It definitely makes a room looks more spacious compare to those standing on floor pieces and you could even create more storage space by utilizing a wall to hang additional shelving. A wall-mounted dining table or working desk is an example of top choice space saving furniture.